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Keep the pace

Fit Radio streams hour long mixes that maintain a consistent beat per minute (BPM) to keep you on pace and help you reach your goals.

New Mixes Daily

Having new playlists and songs every time you workout keeps your workouts fresh and energized.

Customized for you

Fit Radio tailors your music experience to you through your own personalized station and suggestions based on your listening preferences.


Rated #1 Workout Music App

Fit Radio is rated the #1 workout music app in both app stores thanks to its sleek design, ease of use, music, and features.

Cardio Coaching

Cardio CoachingTM

Coaches will push you further and cheer you on, while DJs continuously surprise you.

Strength Programs

Progressive strength programs from expert trainers to help give your routine structure and help you reach your fitness goals

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  • Workout Playlist
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